Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ten more...

The New Year is rapidly approaching. Here's another list:

Top 10 Short Gut Moments
10. Squirting 3 cc of breastmilk into a bottle nipple placed in Blaise's mouth; hoping it's not too much for her to handle
9. Blaise eats solid food
8. We use the word "jejunum" in a sentence for the first time
7. Erin pulls out the button
6. Ben pulls out the button (more momentous because it was the first accidental button removal)
5. Ben meets the other cognitive scientists who have a kid with short gut
4. Blaise becomes Omegaven baby #111
3. Our nurse admits that she also wants to cry because the ostomy bag fell off again
2. Blaise comes off TPN
1. "Did you say 45 cm from the Ligament of Treitz?"

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Yuko said...

We're #5! We're #5! :-)