Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clinic run-down

Today we took Blaise in to CHB for her first clinic visit in something like 6 or 7 weeks. It's been an eventful couple of weeks, what with all the failure to gain weight, the sudden jump in weight gain, and the acquisition of multiple motor skills. The latter now includes pulling herself up to standing from kneeling (as of this morning) and from sitting (this evening).

So what's the word from the Short Bowel team 7 weeks later? Generally speaking, very good.

The little B is still trundling along on her own 3rd-10th percentile growth curve for weight, and making up some ground for height and head circumference. It turns out that we're done with the calcium supplement, and may also be done with the iron supplement depending on how her blood work turns out. Chances are it'll be in the normal range, which (if you're keeping score at home) would bring us down to just two medications. Pretty cool, that.

The rest of the plan is pretty straightforward: Make the baby even bigger! We were given the go-ahead to try out more complex foods (meats, soy, wheat, etc.) and we're going to be mixing up higher density formula for her so she won't need to drink as much to get lots of calories. Assuming this goes well, we may be talking about discontinuing the use of the tube in the very near future. We got the sense that they considered it today, but decided to see how she'll do with the updated diet. Totally fine by us to wait, but also exciting to think we're in range of getting free of the g-tube. We don't hate the thing, but I won't say we'd be sad to see it go.

So that's it...the team seemed really happy to see her, and she spent a good bit of her time trying to get the examination light off the wall. There were really only two low notes of the whole thing for Blaise:

1) Having blood drawn for lab work. I think she's big enough to know what's coming once they start messing with her arms down at the outpatient blood draw center, and she knows it's not fun.

2) The awesome bear suit we put her in for trips out in the cold.

She hates it, but we're bigger. :)


Anonymous said...

So, I know that the issues I had as a baby are very different from what Blaise is dealing with, but, fwiw, and in case it makes you feel any better, I was usually in the 3rd percentile for height/weight until I was a teenager, except on the numerous occasions when I just wasn't on the chart at all. I ended up wearing adult shoe sizes (my mother was particularly concerned about this) and I'm a reasonable, if short height (certainly shorter than you would think based on how tall my parents are, but not out of the normal range). I'm glad that Blaise seems to be doing very well, and she's completely adorable :)

Erin said...

I was pretty tiny, too. We only worry when Blaise falls off the growth curve she was on. It's really her doctors who don't like that 3rd percentile business.