Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spoke too soon?

Well, Blaise is still a happy girl for day care. But no sooner did I post that we were all settled and happy, than she decided that bed time is no longer her thing. Unfortunately, when she decides to protest bed, she goes the protest puke route. It's really gross and hard to deal with. With regular tantrums, we can just say "I don't talk to people who yell at me. Come find me when you're ready to be nice" and walk away. With protest puke, we have to clean it up, which delays bed time, which was Blaise's goal. We got into this cycle a few months ago, so we have a few tricks up our sleeves, but we're probably in for a week or so of unpleasant bed times.

In other (improbable, but funny) news, Blaise won a drawing through the public library's children's program! The prize is monster truck tickets, which goes to show that even when we're doing impossibly egghead things like signing our kid up for a reading program, we still might end up with monster truck tickets. We had joked when we signed her up that it seemed like a strange prize and when the lady called me at work yesterday to say that Blaise had won, I couldn't stop laughing.