Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday fun

Blaise just experienced her first at-home snowstorm. It was fairly minor by New England standards (maybe 9 inches), but enough to keep us in. The snow's arrival was heralded by the appearance of a bearded man on our porch, bearing packages labeled "Open in case of snow." (No, not Santa, unless he lost a lot of weight and started using Just for Men. Our friend Andrew.) They contained mittens and wool socks perfect for playing in the snow. Unfortunately, her snowsuit arrived from Kansas City a little too late for this snow. She didn't much like the cold when we took her out, though, so maybe it's okay to wait for next time.

Other firsts: First teeth (finally!) popped through. One on the top and one on the bottom. First "sharing" of food. Actually jabbing Ben in the eye with a rice cookie. First try drinking from a sippy cup. Less than successful.

We were a bit nervous about changing Blaise's formula right before the holidays. Ben and I spent last Christmas Eve at Children's (in the Fetal Care Center) and, as wonderfully kind as everyone was, we'd rather not do that again. She had a couple of runny diapers but got back on track quickly. Her labs all came back great after clinic. Perhaps the one we're most excited about is her citrulline, which is taken as a measure of the mucosal surface area of the gut (and therefore correlates with absorption). When last checked, it was 5 (units unknown). They like to see 12. On Thursday, Blaise came in at 19. Although her GI assured us that he was more likely to believe that there was something wrong with the citrulline test than that Blaise lacked adequate absorptive surface.

As for Christmas, the tree is up, the stockings are hung. Present wrapping and cookie baking are in full swing. Blaise doesn't get any of it, but she sure likes to tear wrapping paper.

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