Friday, January 1, 2010

One last list...

With the New Year already upon us:

The Top 10 Blaise Moments of 2009

10. Blaise learns to make the rattle go.
9. The first encounter with peas...Nature's perfect food.
8. Playdates with friends!
7. Learning to play the xylophone.
6. Hunting ducks at swim class.
5. Meeting the co-chairs of the Blaise Fan Club (Paris chapter)
4. Meeting the great-grandparents.
3. Learning to crawl!
2. Coming Home.
1. Meeting Blaise.

Happy New Year, everyone...and happy birthday to Blaise.


Amy said...

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Blaise!
Amy, Pierce, and Aoife

Jarasa said...

Happy birthday, Blaise!!! Looking forward to more playdates in 2010!!! --Dave, Jarasa, & Siri

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Blaise!! :)

Meg said...

Happy birthday Blaise, and Happy New Year to all three of you! Best wishes for 2010 :)

Yuko said...

Happy belated birthday, Blaise! Looking forward to seeing you and Max run around together one of these days.