Monday, December 7, 2009

Travelling baby

We are back in Cambridge after a long weekend in Kansas City to visit my family. Flying with an 11 month old is a completely different experience from flying with a 9 month old. Blaise has more opinions now than she used to and she's never been hesitant about making her opinions known. The high points of the trip were meeting her great-grandparents and a subset of my extended family (my actual extended family is so big that I'm not sure I've met them all), playing with her grandparents, Aunt Libby and Uncle Jim, having a mini-Christmas (she loved the wrapping paper!) and crawling forward. That's right, in her tradition of saving big milestones for my parents, Blaise crawled forward for the first time on Friday. I'm assuming that the demos from Aunt Libby helped. She's still clumsy and slow at it, but she's picking up speed and skill every day.

Getting Blaise to eat enough is continues to be a challenge. She just seems to lose interest, especially in her bottles. Trying to eat in interesting places like airports doesn't help. We'll be seeing our friends at clinic again soon and Blaise's OT/PT has some suggestions for making eating more interesting. We're working on broadening the spectrum of okay foods and playing with combinations. Hopefully a little time back in the normal routine will help, too.

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Sandra said...

Sorry I wasn't among the visitors in KC. I've had a (presumed) sinus cough but one that I was not willing to assume was bacterial-free and non-transimittable.

Thank you, Blaise, for being in KC and bringing your parents with you.

Continue what you do best: love, laugh, eat and swim!