Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Top 10...

In the fine tradition of making unnecessary lists of everything as one year ends and another begins, Erin & I have decided to take a good look back at 2009 by making some Top 10 lists of our own. We'll be posting more of these throughout the day tomorrow (mostly to keep ourselves awake until midnight), but to kick things off:

The Top 10 Children's Hospital Boston Cafeteria Tips

10. The chicken piccata is surprisingly good.
9. The Hummus & Crackers Snak-Pak? Complete rip-off.
8. "Theme Day" is never as good an idea as you think it might be.
7. Do NOT mess with the woman who runs the grill. She'll flip you...flip you for real.
6. If the cashier says you get the employee discount, you get the employee discount.
5. The pizza oven will be working tomorrow.
4. Just because that woman is slicing tons of english muffins doesn't mean you can have one.
3. If you don't want to watch "Hannah Montana," don't sit near the TV.
2. The Taco Salad wrap is awesome.
1. They are NOT out of regular coffee. The nice guy with the dreads has got your back.


Jim said...

Is a taco salad wrap the ingredients of a taco salad wrapped in a tortilla?

That sounds like a taco.

bjbalas said...

Y'know, I can't find a flaw in your logic. In months of eating those, neither of us realized that.

We're actually kind of stunned right now.