Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Snow piracy and other adventures

Well, long time, no blog. We've been kept busy with a combination of fun things and not so fun things. Not so fun: the cavalcade of colds (and other bugs) that day care is so good for. But it builds the immune system, right?

More fun: tobogganing, a visit from Gran, making Valentines for friends, tiny new friends and relations, trips to the library, rediscovering Indian food, finally settling into the day care routine and a super-cool, custom-designed new hat. (The pattern, hand-knit for Blaise by our friend James, features a Sierpinski triangle in NDSU colors.)

We've now met all members of Blaise's medical team here. Her general pediatrician is excellent and has had a short gut patient before. He knew all the right questions to ask, so we were very glad about that. We also met her new GI, who was very personable and seemed very on-target with our intuitions. He told us that he wouldn't tell us to stop worrying about her weight, but that we should really stop worrying about her weight. We love hearing things like that. She's still tiny, but she's growing appropriately for her size and isn't missing any developmental milestones. We'll take it.