Monday, December 14, 2009

Moving right along

I'm not really sure when it started, but Blaise has begun to lose some of her baby tendencies and act a bit more like a toddler. She's crawling like crazy, getting into anything she can reach, throwing the occasional tantrum and playtime is a whole different thing.

She's still being a little finicky about eating sometimes. One day this weekend, she only let Ben feed her. Another, I had to sing "Mairzy Doats" over and over to get her to eat. And then there are days, like today, where she gulps every bottle and chows down on her solids with no problems at all. We had another weight check today while we were at the pediatrician's office for the second H1N1 vaccine dose. Her weight gain has been much better in the last 2 weeks; she's at 16 lbs even.

When not tearing all over her room on all fours, Blaise has begun forays into the world of finger food. We'd tried whole peas and chunks of carrot, steamed to be very soft, but those were a little slimy and hard to pick up. Most of the baby biscuits and dry snacks are a bit more complex than we're ready to try with Blaise, or contain something we're avoiding for the moment (e.g., milk, eggs, wheat, soy). Enter rice rusks, or Baby Mum-Mums. These are slightly sweet rice crackers that are supposedly a common first food in Japan. It took a few demos from me and Ben, but Blaise caught on pretty fast. Now she's self-feeding like the big girl she is. The box says these crackers don't make a mess. That is a lie. It's fun anyway.

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Jarasa said...

Oh, what fun! Blaise must be loving the new mealtime explorations.

You could try rolling the slimy foods in cereal powder or crushed rice rusk to give more of a grip. (Fair warning: in our case this has often translated into "Thanks, mom, for making this easier to pick up... so I can now drop it on the floor.")