Sunday, May 24, 2009

Weight check

Remember that thing we've said about all babies losing weight their first couple of days off PN? Blaise's weight was up (by a lot) this morning. It's almost certainly a fluke. Sometimes a big diaper just after or just before a weight check can have a big influence on her recorded weight. We'll see what happens tomorrow. One day at a time and all that.

There's a phrase that's been running through my head a lot lately. In 2004, the morning after the Red Sox beat the Yankees for the AL championship, Ben saw a man in the subway station, still drunk from the night before, who loudly proclaimed "Now all we have to do is win the World Series!" All the commuters on the escalator cheered. The vibe in Boston at the time was very much that: If the Sox could go from being down 3 games to the Yankees to winning the series, the World Series would be a piece of cake. The momentum of those 4 wins in a row would erase 86 years of losses. The Sox did go on to sweep the Cardinals, but that wasn't a forgone conclusion. It just felt like one to people who had watched their team lose to the Yankees in the ALCS so many times.

I kind of feel that way about reaching goal feeds and the possibility of coming off PN (yes, I'm still saying possibility). It's something that seemed so impossible and far away once that the other big things seem like they could be easy. Blaise is tolerating her goal feeds. Now all she has to do is gain weight. You know, that's all.

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