Saturday, May 9, 2009

Names, names, names

The Social Security Administration has released the name counts for 2008. Blaise was born in 2009, but unless her name takes a precipitous leap in popularity, I think she's safe from being Blaise B. for all of elementary school. It didn't make the top 1000 names for either sex. As one of 4 Erins in my kindergarten, I was hoping to avoid a really common name for our child. Still, I'm not sure what to think when a year produces 327 Shyanns and fewer than 200 Blaises.

Of course, when I was about 4, I decided that I wanted to change my name to Jennifer, which was even more popular the year I was born than Erin was. So I'm anticipating a future conversation with Blaise in which she announces that she is changing her name to Emma.

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vicki said...

To Erin: The first Erin I ever knew. The smartest Erin I ever knew. And the only Erin I know with a cute daughter named Blaise.
Happy Mothers Day!

It has been a tough 4 months for you, but you have proven that you are an astonishing, caring, loving, selfless parent. May you have a blessed Mothers Day. Let Ben change the poopy diapers! Vicki