Saturday, May 16, 2009

Diaper rash

Our semi-official diagnosis is that Blaise has the world's worst case of diaper rash. So bad it could be confused with NEC. We knew she was going above and beyond on all fronts, but we really could have been spared on this one.

We talked with the surgeon yesterday afternoon and the current plan is to not worry about the blood unless we start to see a lot more of it or Blaise starts to have other symptoms. We're treating the diaper rash and hoping the blood will go away as things heal. We also have his blessing on going home by the end of the month, with or without the IV. We should know by the end of next week whether Blaise will tolerate her goal volume. She's at 23 mL/hour now and we're aiming for 32 (but that's a moving target). The furniture in her room at home is assembled and we're working on getting sheets and diapers washed and ready.


Ruth Rosenholtz said...

Phew! Glad to hear they think it's something relatively minor. You folks need anything for when you take Blaise home? I'm realizing that we have quite a bit of clothes and devices that both girls have grown out of, at this point.

Gib and Abby Brogan said...

Ugh, the dreaded Diaper Rash. Short gut diaper rash blows all other diaper rash out of the water. Good luck and bring on the layers and layers of butt cream! We also had a nurse use the O2 line to blow O2 on some bad break down that Ellie had. It was weird but it worked. But you get to the point when you are willing to try anything! Good Luck!
Abby and Gib