Monday, May 4, 2009

May 15th

With apologies to David Letterman:

Top 10 Reasons Blaise Might Not Go Home on May 15th

1) She might get a line infection
2) She could fail to gain weight once she's off PN
3) She could catch a cold/GI bug and need to recover a bit
4) She may have difficulty tolerating more volume/more calories
5) A meteor might hit our house
6) ...
7) Um.
8) This is harder than I thought.
9) Well, we might freak out because we don't have her room finished and demand more time.
10) And I guess the insurance company could potentially be weird about something.

So #1-4 are for real and I'm trying very hard to keep in mind that these are things that have happened to many families and could easily happen to us. I can't wait to have her home, but getting too invested in an actual date feels dangerous.

Still...May 15th. Crazy. Y'know what else? It's gradually become clear to me that her care team is very strongly assuming that they figure the plan is to go home without the central line. I still can't let myself get convinced that that's actually in the cards. Erin & I had our nurse today teach us how to do cap changes on the line so that we know what we're doing when and if we need to handle stuff like that. A bit intimidating to handle the open line like that, but now we know what we're doing. Having more bases covered just seems like a good plan and convinces my superstitious side (which prior to now had been pretty dormant for years) that we're somehow more likely not to go home with the IV since we've invested time in learning how to deal with it.

Furniture assembly continues (now with added gusto!). We put the wardrobe together last night and will soon put many tiny outfits in it. We're a crib away from a room we could actually put Blaise in! Pictures will follow once we get there...'til then, keep those fingers crossed everybody.

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Adrienne said...

May 15th?!?!?!?! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!