Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Blaise isn't great at taking her afternoon nap. And I don't blame her. Right now, our roommate is watching The Incredibles with the volume up as high as it goes, two people are having a very loud conversation in Spanish just outside our door, a three year old patient is shrieking in the playroom and alarms are beeping everywhere.

Oh, wait, she's taking the best nap she's had in weeks, much better than the ones she took in our private room away from all the noise with the door closed. Help me out?

On the medical front, she's at 25 mL/hour on her feeds and doing well so far. Her weight is up to 4.090 kg or 8.998 lbs. We'll call it an even 9 lbs. Everyone keeps talking like we'll be going home on the 15th without an IV, just the g-tube. Dr. Puder says I should start taking fish oil to keep Blaise in omega-3s once she's off Omegaven. We're still not holding our breath for it, but it would be great to add IV care to my list of useless medical skills (see also: replacing an ostomy bag on a squirming 2 month old and sticking cardiac monitors on a preemie).

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