Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Steady progress"

We have two residents who we see regularly. One of them is very sweet with Blaise and the other is exceptionally awkward with people in general. They both said the same thing about her the last time we saw them, although one of them more awkwardly than the other. "She's making really steady progress." And we love to hear it. Slow and steady is much better than rapid and back-and-forth.

Blaise has cracked the 4 kilogram mark, weighing in at 4.055 kg (8.92 lbs) this morning. She's at 22 mL/hour on feeds and is only on the IV for 12 hours a day. This means she could be at full volume on feeds by Thursday and possibly off the IV completely within two weeks. We're hoping to keep this progress steady, too, but stalling out is still a very real possibility. We're just loving the untethered time and cruising the halls making friends with everyone we see. We've definitely been here too long. Nurses in other units say "Hi, Blaise!" as we pass through.

In other progress, we've assembled the dresser/changing table for Blaise's room and now it's time to tackle the wardrobe. We should also prewash the diapers, find crib sheets (not the kind I have to take away from students during exams), clean the house and do the million other things that we've been neglecting for 4 months. And try not to get too excited, so we won't be too disappointed if it doesn't work out.

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Jarasa said...

Your little girl is amazing. I am really in awe of how this little baby has managed to make such amazing progress in her growth and her healing. Go Blaise!