Thursday, May 21, 2009


Sorry it's been a while since the last update, but things have been pretty steady on. Blaise's feeds are now at 29 mL/hour and her PN has been decreased to the lowest point it will hit before it is turned off all together. If she handles 29 okay, she'll go up to 32, which is our current goal, over the weekend and the PN will come off. The diaper rash situation is slowly coming under control. We're trying not to get too excited.

But, blah, blah, medical, feeds, PN. I have (finally) updated the photo site. New galleries are:

May, where I've put all of the random photos from the last month

Blaise and the Atom, in which Blaise makes her first forays into scientific exploration

We're still working on getting video of baby laughs. She didn't like the (in)famous e^x and a constant joke, but she thinks reduplicated babbling (me going "babababababa") is hilarious. I don't understand why because the e^x joke usually kills. Maybe she'll think it's funnier once she's learned some multivariable calculus.

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Grandpa Tom said...

The pictures are great, but it appears that Blaise is wearing that Red Sox outfit on a daily basis. Understandable except for the fact that she has a very attractive KC Royals outfit as well, and I'm not seeing it in any of the photos.