Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Settling back down

We're back on the floor, this time in a huge private room perfect for dance parties. All of the extra tubes are out and we're down to the regular g-tube and the PICC. She's off all pain medication and doing quite well for it. We've had a lot of out of town guests over the last couple of weeks and it's nice to have some quiet time with Blaise.

The newly reconnected bowels seem to be working very well. We started feeds yesterday and she's doing great with them. Already her stool is starting to look like normal breastfed baby poop. She's been having some problems with gas, which isn't really surprising, as her gut is waking up and starting to do its thing. The doctors and nurses all seem very pleased with how she's doing. Her surgeon used the word "awesome" and a nurse said "I'd say it was amazing, except it's Blaise. We should have known."

Blaise is, as always, lots of fun, too. She's very smiley and alert. It's kind of funny when the doctors come to talk to us because, if Blaise is awake, she looks very intently at whoever is talking. One of them started making eye contact with her as much as with me. She's also worked out that if she hits the rattle we hold over her head, it will make a noise. I underestimated how rewarding she would find that.

More pictures, soon, I promise. We've been a little busy!

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