Friday, April 10, 2009

Another tube gone!

First things first...I promised photos, and we don't want to disappoint. Here's a picture of Blaise enjoying some new bunny slippers that arrived with her pre-op visitors. I think Kathie and Maureen were going for a puppet-show sort of routine, but I like to interpret this picture as an attempt to develop her kung-fu. 

That picture is about a day before surgery. Below, you can see how she was doing after her big day:

Not too shabby for just having had major abdominal surgery! The tube that you see there is the N-G tube they put in to help drain her stomach after surgery. Not the most flattering accessory, but happily they removed it this morning. Blaise had a comfortable night with the tube clamped, which suggests that her body's dealing with that drainage adequately on its own. Very promising, and nice to have her back to her pre-op state as far as lines go. 

Besides the fact that fewer lines is just generally more comfortable, it looks like Blaise is also good to get transferred back to 10 East today. We're still waiting on getting her a bed lined up and having orders officially come through, so it may be a few hours, but she's recovered enough to head back upstairs. Erin was talking to some of her old nurses yesterday and they're looking forward to having her back. I guess a few of them were a little concerned that she hadn't left the NICU yet, but Erin made sure to tell them that Blaise is doing great. 

My parents are just now arriving in Boston for an Easter weekend visit, so I imagine we'll have some more pictures to post soon (hopefully from a new room).  


Jarasa said...

Oh my goodness, your little Kung Fu bunny is adorable!

aunt momo said...

Kung Fu or puppet show she is adorable!Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

I love these pictures! It's all so incredible.. I'm so happy for you all and look forward to seeing the little champ again soon!