Monday, April 6, 2009

Another update (as of ~3:30pm)

We're waiting for another call any minute now, but our last update was that Blaise is still doing very well. I had the chance to talk with Dr. Duggan (one of the GI doctors on Blaise's care team) who was looking in on the procedure for a while this afternoon. He says the intestine looks good and when I asked about the amount of distal small bowel (stuff attached to the large intestine that we haven't seen yet) he said that there seemed to be "more than expected."

OK, this is potentially good, but no one should start doing backflips yet. We still don't know if they think it's enough to try keeping (along with the ileocecal valve) and depending on how things go, Dr. Weldon may want to give Blaise a new stoma to protect the tissue that we know works correctly. 

No idea how much longer...I feel like we have to assume a few more hours, but Blaise remains stable and slow and steady has worked for us so far.

Hopefully more soon.


Adrienne said...

sounds good so far. waiting anxiously with you in spirit!

Justin N said...
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