Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The next morning

Not a whole lot to add this morning, which in many ways is a very good thing. Blaise is still resting in the NICU (back in bay 3 with some old friends) and continues to recover well. Last night she was having some issues with pain management, but today they've given her both Tylenol and morphine as needed to keep her comfortable. This isn't outside the realm of what was expected, so we're really just glad she feels better. Seeing her last night was a little tough since we could tell she was pretty uncomfortable, but the pain management team is very good and she's clearly having a better day. We even got some grins out of her when we visited and she just plain looks good (a bit puffy, but good).

For now, she has an NG-tube (to the stomach, through the nose) to drain bile out and a few extra IVs to deliver meds. Besides the pain medicine, she's also getting some pre-emptive antibiotics to protect her from infection. Her abdomen is still not a particularly friendly neighborhood so it pays to be careful. The puffiness is mostly from the blood transfusion she received and the extra fluids she was given during the procedure...it should subside in a few days.

I think it's still hard for us to believe that the news from yesterday was so good. I'm mostly sticking to the fact that she came through it well and is recovering nicely. More than anything I just wanted her to be ok...that first surgery made it very hard for me not to think that every visit to the OR meant extreme danger. Having her come through it so well is worth everything, and the rest is bonus points.

Thanks again to all of you for your support, and stay tuned for more updates. We'll be sure to keep up here as things unfold.


vicki said...

So glad to check in and see positive reports. Continue to deliver the hugs and kisses to our special miracle. Blaise's powerful grin traveld far and wide through your posting. That simple grin has transformed concerned expressions into smiling faces. Life is grand!

Amy said...

Thrilled with yesterday's successful surgery news, and so happy to hear that Blaise is recovering well. Her extended family in DC thinks of her often and sends happy healing thoughts.
Amy, Pierce, and Aoife

Faith said...

I'm so glad everything went well with Blaise's surgery! I'll be praying for everything to wake up fast so she'll give you a nice big poop! Faith always saved the really important post-op poops for special occasions- we got one for Christmas, and another for Valentine's Day :)

Faith said...

Ben, I just read on Max's blog that you got to meet Yuko! I'm so glad! I was going to ask you guys if you had talked to them at all, I thought it would be particularly interesting since you are in the same field. I haven't gotten to meet them yet, but look forward to it when we get home :) I would imagine it's very reassuring for you to see him running all over the place!

Lori said...

Even with all you share, I can't imagine what you're going through. I'm so glad that the news is this positive! Elena was sure to direct us all (MIRL) to your recent postings. We discussed the amazing post-surgery news during lab meeting. It was a happy group hearing what the current outlook is. Can you believe how many people will be ecstatic to know when your little angel actually poops! As always, your family is in my thoughts. You guys are amazing!