Friday, April 24, 2009

Bouncy fun

No big news today. We're up again on Blaise's feeds to 12 mL/hour and she's holding her own so far. I think she might be catching a cold, but otherwise, we're just hanging out. So it's time for videos!

First, what can you do with an untethered baby? Turn around! (You might want to turn the audio off. The incredibly loud floor polisher is about all you can hear.)

Blaise has learned to (proto-)reach for the rattles on the bouncy seat. Also, flailing her arms and legs creates a great feedback loop: the more she kicks, the more she bounces and the more she bounces, the more she kicks.

This one is just to show off the coincidence of me asking if Blaise can hit the rattle and Blaise hitting the rattle. Pure luck that I had the camera on the one time out of 30 that the two events happened at the same time.


vicki said...

OK, after viewing still pictures of Blaise I thought she was unbelievably cute. Now seeing her hit at her rattle, well let me put it this way. I know how people felt when the “talkies” were invented! Be sure to give me fair warning before you come to KC. "In person" might require a Xanix prescription.
Hugs, prayers and smiles, Vicki

Dan said...

TOO cute! She's clearly gifted!