Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tale of the Tape

This will be a pretty short entry, but Blaise hit two milestones that we're very happy about and we wanted to tell everybody about them.

First of all, as of today she's 36 gestational weeks old. She continues to expand her repertoire of funny faces, and continues to get better at self-soothing, eye contact, and even some visual tracking (I think...haven't really tested her the right way yet).

Second, Blaise now weighs over 4 pounds! Still sounds small compared to our friends' babies, but she's up over her birth weight now, which is great. Newborns always lose some weight just after they're born and Blaise lost a good bit extra due to her surgery. She's been steadily catching back up though, and we're hoping she can keep that going. One of her nurses pointed out that usually one doesn't talk about a lady's weight in such detail, to which I could only reply "That's no lady, that's my daughter." Still too early to tell if Blaise appreciated the joke.

In other developments, her bed is now adorned with some nice high-contrast pictures for her to look at and her head is also now adorned with a pink bow. We're still not sure what we think about the bow, but it was nice of whichever nurse put it there to think of her. It's unclear what it's stuck to her head with (ostomy paste? duoderm?) but it's stayed put for a full day now. Time will tell.

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