Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ben & Erin head for Cambridge

We left home on December 31st thinking we were heading to the hospital for a few hours and now, almost two weeks later, we're heading back. It's difficult to go home without taking Blaise with us. We're not far away (and we'll be here to visit all the time) but it still feels a bit like we're leaving her behind. We did get her bed a few more decorations though, including a wooden "B" painted with stripes just like the one on her bedroom door at home. We've been reading lots of Paddington stories too, so there will soon be a small bear from Darkest Peru joining her growing army of stuffed animals. Finally, the Steelers game starts at 4:15 today and I'm hoping Blaise can give me just a little bit of Terrible Towel-waving. There will definitely be video of that if it happens.

In other news, we had the chance to speak to one of the GI specialists who works with short-bowel syndrome at Children's. He gave us a lot of good information and also told us that they may try and begin some very minimal breast milk feeding on Monday. This is a LOT sooner than we thought, and so we're both excited and a little nervous. There's a very good chance it may not go very well at first, so we've just got our fingers crossed for Blaise. We'll be sure to update here when we know some more.

Finally, Blaise has 3 new friends! Sirisa Elise Cox, Auden Tai Tierney, and Erin Chaize have all been born to friends of ours in the past week. Sirisa and Auden just arrived yesterday (or close to it, we're waiting for more details) and Erin was born about a week ago. We may link to their blogs and photo sites as they come online...maybe a baby web-ring?

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