Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I should know better....

First, I would like to report that Blaise has learned to play me. She knows when I really need to leave the NICU to get food or get home and she chooses those times to be the most alert and engaging and I can't drag myself away. Alternatively, that's when she starts crying. All of the nurses tell me to go ahead and they'll take care of it, but I can't walk away from my crying baby. She knows it, too.

Her tendency to seemingly respond to things people say to and around her is almost spooky. I know she doesn't understand a word we're saying. (I mean, really, I, of all mothers, know that.) But just today, her nurse asked if she was ready for a line-change and she nodded her head. Then, not five minutes later, the same nurse asked me if I thought Blaise looked more like me or like Ben. I said she had features of both of us, but that I thought she resembled Ben's family more. The little one chose exactly that moment to start to cry. I don't know why. Her dad's family are fine-looking people.

In response to requests from her fans, her photo site has been updated. I don't know where they found the pink letters outfit for her, but she was so cute in it, I almost forgave them the pinkness of it all.

And, finally, a medical update. The enteral feedings that they started and then stopped a couple of days ago were restarted yesterday morning, with a bit more success. They've even upped her intake to a whole milliliter an hour. Again, we shouldn't read too much into this, but it does mean that they will continue these tiny feedings for the time being. This is critical to keeping what's left of her small bowel functional and healthy.


Gran said...

You are learning that - with all due respect to the scientists who might read this - there is no scientific measurement or tool that can account for the internal connection between parent and child.
Little Blaise is indeed "playing you" and that is so wonderfully normal in this very abnormal situation.

Love the new pictures. She has changed so much in just 4 days!

Jarasa said...

What a clever girl she is.

Amazing how people who are so little can tug on our heartstrings so much!

Also I find this whole parenthood thing is making me understand my own parents in a whole different way... and how I used to play them too!