Monday, January 26, 2009

New digs

Blaise has been holding her own temperature very well lately and last week they started keeping the lid of her isolette off all the time. This morning, however, we came in to find that she had been promoted to a proper crib. I guess she told them that isolettes were for wimpy little preemies and she was a big, strong kid.

The crib is pretty big relative to her, but they've built her a little nest in it. Here's a view of the whole thing. (See the photo site for more pictures from today.)

As if we needed more evidence that she's approaching term age, she had a nice big fit of inconsolable crying after her noon "bottle." I think she might have been a little overwhelmed by some of the activity in her room or looking for more milk, but this was the first sustained crying bout I'd seen her have. Preemies don't usually cry for long. If they're overwhelmed, they just fall asleep or shut down, but once they get close to their due dates, they start crying more like full-term newborns. She would cry for a while and I'd get her 95% settled down and then she'd remember that she was mad and go back to crying. What a typical baby thing to do!

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