Thursday, January 29, 2009

Four weeks old

Today was a pretty quiet day, although I worried a little bit when I arrived at the hospital to find three nurses around Blaise's bed. My mind went straight to the medical: Did her ostomy bag fall off (again)? Is she losing lots of fluid from her ostomy? Is there a problem with one of her lines? What could possibly require three nurses?

Answer: She's cute. Things were pretty quiet and they were showing a nursing student around. Blaise was awake when they got to her room and she charmed them into staying. For further evidence on this point, there are more photos up, this time with much better lighting.

I also took some video of her with her MIT bear mobile. The MIT mascot is actually a beaver, so I'm not sure why the mobile has bears on it, but now that she's in a real crib she can have it up. The reason I took the video, though, is that she actually tracks the bears with her eyes as they go past. Not bad oculomotor control for someone who technically shouldn't even have been born yet.

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