Sunday, January 25, 2009

Food of the future

I'm not much of a science fiction fan, but in a lot of sci-fi that I've encountered, one of the marks of "The Future" is some big change to the way we eat. Maybe we will take a pill in the morning that contains all of our day's nutritional needs or we'll be served some kind of uniform, generic food rather than meat, starch and vegetables. This idea has been around for a long time in sci fi but, aside from the existence of some really over-processed stuff (e.g., Go-gurt), food and eating haven't changed all that much.

Blaise, however, is living in a form of that future. She's on total parentral nutrition (TPN), meaning that she receives all of her calories and nutrients through an IV. She gets a little bit of breastmilk continuously pumped directly into her stomach as well, so her stomach is never empty. Technically, she doesn't need to eat. She's living that sci-fi dream. Still, she slurps down that teaspoon of milk every four hours and then goes looking for more. Which, by the way, is kind of how I behave with miniature Snickers bars. Sorry, sci-fi visionaries, people really like eating. (Duh.)

She had another pretty good day today. They increased the amount that is being continuously pumped into her stomach. We'll see if that holds or if they decide to back off again. She may have hit a bit of a ceiling on that front, but that doesn't mean that ceiling is a permanent one. If they back off, we'll try again in a few days. I'll try to fit in another photo shoot tomorrow, maybe this time in an outfit that's not pink.

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