Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well, baby

Blaise went to see her pediatrician for a well-baby checkup yesterday. We love our pediatrician. He's smart, friendly, good with kids and always makes us feel good about how Blaise is doing without just telling us what we want to hear. After a discouraging clinic visit, it was good to talk to someone who thinks our little rock star is a little rock star. He was even able to explain a bit more concretely why the antibiotic might help the bleeding even if we haven't identified an infection. The doctor commented more than once about how strong Blaise is and he was considerate enough to not draw blood, even though that's standard for the 9-month check-up. Blaise had blood drawn 3 weeks ago; she'll probably have another draw soon. He thinks it's fine to wait until they're drawing for another count anyway instead of sticking her twice. (Did I mention that we love this guy?) A quick flu shot later and we were out the door and home for a nap.

Blaise has been hilarious the last day or two: mugging for the camera and giggling hysterically over nonsense words (e.g., peef and dax). We're embarking on a new adventure tomorrow. Hopefully, she'll have fun with it.

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