Monday, October 5, 2009

Pittsburgh and back

We made it to Pittsburgh. We made it home. We had fun in between. Blaise had a great time being adored by grandparents and other friends-and-relations. She met her great-grandparents on Ben's side as well as two great-uncles and a great-aunt, played with her dad's old baby toys and slept through both flights. Blaise seems to be an easy-going traveler, which bodes well for future trips to see family as well as a return to our academic vacation habits (i.e., conferences in cool places).

Here are a few lessons Blaise learned on her trip:

First, if Grandma Janet has jewelry on, try to steal it.

Second, people who look just like Grandma, but older, are great-grandparents. They're lots of fun.

Also, the rings-on-a-stick toy is fun for all ages.

Finally, camouflage is very helpful for sneaking up on sleeping dads.

We had fun, but we're glad to be home. More pictures are up on the photo site.


Jarasa said...

That camouflage photo is utterly hilarious! Blaise's expression suggests pure mischief.

Kathie said...

That picture in the striped PJ's is TOO funny! What a cute-heart!!

Ruth Rosenholtz said...

Not to be redundant, but the camouflage photo is by far the best.