Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A great way to help a fantastic family

This isn't something I've ever done, but I'd like to ask for some help for another family that could use a little bit. Gavin is a handsome three-year-old boy who has mitochondrial disease. Mito basically causes cell death and can lead to the loss of entire organ systems. In February, Gavin had his entire intestine, as well as his gallbladder, removed to reduce the number of infections he was having and improve his quality of life. That's right, removing those organs improved his quality of life. He is wheelchair bound and TPN/Omegaven dependent. He's been going through a very rough stretch, with frequent transfusions and line infections. Beyond all of this, his family lives in a second floor apartment, so his mom or dad has to carry his chair and all of his pumps/tubes/drainage bags down a flight of steps if they're going to leave the house.

The wonderful thing about this family is that they do leave the house. They go to the YMCA and the park in between their many visits to the hospital. They are really doing their best to live a full life in spite of all of the medical crap, but the older and more complicated Gavin gets, the harder it's becoming for them. They're working with an amazing group to take a house and rehab/renovate it to make it fully accessible for Gavin. This group, called Erin's Dream (different Erin), uses as much volunteer labor and donated material as possible, but they also need a good bit of financial support. I know things are tight for a lot of people these days and that there are a lot of kids and families who need help, but if you find yourself with a little extra, this is a really simple way to help one family. Here's the link for donations. If you want to read more about mito, click here. For Gavin's blog, go here.

Thanks for putting up with my heartstring-tugging.

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