Thursday, October 22, 2009

Age is just a number

Blaise turned 8 months "corrected" on Tuesday (eight months from her due date). It's still strange sometimes to have a baby whose development is spread out over a big span of time. In some ways, she's definitely about 8 months. In other ways, she's more like her birth age. In still other ways, she's ahead of both and in a few more ways, she's behind. I gave up completely on the baby books a long time ago. Blaise is Blaise and we have to trust her therapist, her doctors and our own instincts to tell us whether she's on the right track for her.

The big developmental change lately has been increasing focus on goals. If she gets in her head that she wants to roll onto her belly and look at a label on her changing table, she'll do it, even when she's partway through a diaper change. Of course, we can't get her to stay on her belly any other time. Her tube is an endless source of fascination and she actively searches for it when we hide it from her. We try reasoning with her. It doesn't work, so she just drives us crazy. Another of those things that's good in the big picture (who doesn't want a goal-oriented kid?) and trying in the moment. She's also developing an interest in other babies. She gets very excited about the photos of friends' babies on our fridge and had a good time playing with the other kids last night at our parent group.

Otherwise, things are good. Today is Blaise's last day on Flagyl and we're going to check in about the plan to discontinue the sulfasalazine. You all take me way too seriously, as I've heard a number of speculations about what "D" food we would try next. "A" was apples and avocados. "B" was banana. "C" was carrots. "D" was sweet potatoes. They're a hit.


Jim said...

You had to break the alphabet sooner or later. Dates might have been risky, and deviled eggs are a no. Good luck with eggplant.

Gran said...

I was hoping for a little daikon radish. It would have been great to have that be her most favorite food ever. Carrots, sweet potatoes, maybe you could stick with orange food for a while. Pumpkin comes to mind. Butternut squash. Candy corn.

Erin said...

Those orange circus peanut things. I can just hear that conversation with her doctors.