Sunday, October 25, 2009

The more things change

While poking around the internet for information on how much and when "normal" babies eat (because the doctors are still telling us to feed Blaise "like a normal baby" and we have no idea how such babies eat), I found this baby feeding pamphlet from 1938, published by the Libby's company. When we started Blaise with rice cereal, my grandmother emailed to say that she remembered rice cereal being her kids' first solid food, too. I suspect, however, that the pediatrician isn't going to recommend some of these recipes anymore. Like the one involving raw egg. Of course, then I read a similar pamphlet that is currently distributed by the Beechnut company and wondered how much of it Blaise's kids will laugh at.

We had swim class again today and Blaise's enthusiasm was so great that she kind of scared some of the other kids with her splashing. The instructor said "Well, she's got the kicking and splashing thing down." Unfortunately, she has no interest in the other aspects of swim class: blowing bubbles in the water, floating or holding the side of the pool. She just wants to chase the rubber ducks around the pool. I'm not saying I blame her. Ben took some videos, which we'll try to get posted soon.

We've ruled sweet potatoes okay on the allergy front. On to pears! (Yeah, that alphabetical thing has gone completely out the window.)

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Amy said...

Pears are great, but when does Blaise start on the "homogenized vegetables?"

We looked through the photo albums again recently, and it's amazing to see Blaise becoming such a big strong girl. So happy for all of you!

Amy, Pierce, and Aoife (who is going to be a girly Ninja Turtle for Halloween, even though she has no idea what that is)