Saturday, October 24, 2009


Blaise hit another milestone. It's a dangerous one. She isn't crawling yet, but she did work out how to get from sitting to lying down. Once she's lying down, she rolls. So no more sitting her on the floor for a few minutes and stepping out of the room. We have independent mobility. I didn't actually see this happen. I just left her sitting and came back to her stuck halfway under the changing table.

The Flagyl stopped two days ago and so far so good. Sweet potatoes are still a hit, although more as an artistic medium than as a food. As long as some of them end up in her, that counts, right? See the photo site for new pictures. It's fun to think about Blaise being able to experience a lot of different foods. The idea of an Elecare-themed Thanksgiving was depressing.

Blaise has been eating like crazy and pooping a lot less. (Blood in the bowel triggers movement.) I have my fingers crossed for her weigh-in at clinic on Thursday. She's finally started to outgrow the three-to-six month sizes and nine month clothes aren't ridiculously big on her anymore. So she at least seems bigger.

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