Sunday, October 18, 2009


When Blaise was first out of the hospital, we went to visit some friends. While we were there, Blaise spit up a bit. At the time, she was on AquADEKs vitamins, which we have since stopped because they were causing her colitis to flare up. We were also pretty sure she wasn't absorbing them properly because they turned everything, especially her spit-up, bright atomic pumpkin orange. These friends are very unflappable people and, faced with bright orange baby puke, just calmly asked "Why is it orange?" We explained. No big deal.

Yesterday I had Blaise in lab with me and she spit up a bit. This time, when my colleague asked, "Why is it orange?" I was able to give a much less exotic answer. "She just ate some carrots."

I like that answer better.

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