Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A word or two from Herself

About six months ago, we posted a video called Blaise Speaks, in which a very recently extubated Blaise made her opinions known. It's still one of my favorite videos of her and can be found here.

But these days, Blaise is working on her conversation skills and I asked her to describe her day for your listening pleasure.

Still no English consonants, but lots of raspberries and some lovely open vowels.

Our first CAIR clinic visit is tomorrow. Goals include finding out what our next steps are and not getting admitted to the hospital. (Our track record on that second one isn't great so far.) Wish us luck!


Megan said...

I cannot take the cuteness. She is such a sweetie!

Amy said...

Blaise is clearly speaking Baby. Aoife sat in rapt attention at her 2nd cousin's description of her day.

I love the raspberries - what a cutie!