Wednesday, July 1, 2009

6 months of Blaise!

That's of today, Blaise has been with us for 6 months. I can't decide if it feels like less time or more time than that, which I guess means it probably feels about right on. Periodically, I can't help but go back and look at some of the pictures and movies we have from her first few days and today it really just blew my mind. But don't take my word for it:

Blaise, circa January 5th or so.

Blaise yesterday

Awesome. There's roughly three times as much Blaise in the second picture as there is in the first, kidding. In fact, she grew almost half a pound in the past week. Besides that, she's been doing a lot of fun stuff lately: We've had some good progress on tummy time (including a hint of trying to change her heading), a good bit more conversation, and a newly-renewed love for her friend Atka the polar bear. It's hard to articulate I guess, but we both feel like she suddenly seems to have taken a bit of a leap developmentally. Her behavior seems more organized, she goes after stuff she wants more directly, and manages to execute plans a little bit more effectively. Of course, by "plans" I still mean things like "Grab Dad's glasses and eat them."

We also had a lot of fun hanging out with Blaise's Grandma and Grandpa Balas over the weekend. This was the first time they've visited since we left 10East and it rocked to have a visit that didn't involve parking passes, visitor badges, or the CHB Cafeteria. We all went out for lunch in Davis Square, read a lot of books, had brunch together, and overall just had a great time playing with a great baby. Blaise is now also equipped with a big box of Duplo blocks for building stuff with Mom & Dad, which Erin and I are both looking forward to a great deal.

So what does the next six months hold? Well, tomorrow holds a 6-month check-up at our pediatrician, complete with booster shots. That aside however, I imagine the next half-year will be wicked fun. Unless you're one of our which case, I imagine it will only get more dangerous from here.

Happy Half-Birthday, Blaise!

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