Monday, July 6, 2009

Holiday weekend

Before I say anything else, it's time to congratulate all the people we know who have gotten married lately! Mathieu and Julie (parents to La Petite Erin) were married on Saturday just outside of Paris and Meg and Rupinder were married the same day near Toronto. We were so sorry we couldn't make it to either ceremony, but congratulations to both couples! Missing their weddings meant, however, that we were able to see our friend Jeff and his new wife Louise (also a former Kansas Citian) while they were in Boston this weekend and congratulate them on their recent wedding. The last wedding we actually made it to was just before Blaise came home, but we failed to mention it here, so a very tardy blog-congratulations to Dan and Masha. I'd feel more guilty about that last one, but we were able to congratulate them in person at their lovely and very fun wedding.

The sun came out Saturday for the first time in about two weeks. It has stayed beautiful outside ever since. We didn't take advantage of the weather to get to the fireworks because that would have kept us out well past Blaise's bedtime, but we did have a cookout with friends. Otherwise, it was a pretty low-key weekend and we took advantage of the down-time to get some work done.

Blaise seems to have hit a big developmental burst over the last week or so. She's talking like crazy (but, as the Talking Heads would put it, not saying anything). She's so close to sitting unsupported. She actually will sit without assistance for about 4 seconds before she tips over, but that process is more about balancing her just so. It's possible I've just gotten better at making her sit than she has at sitting. She's also begun reaching for everything and really stretching to get at things that are out of her reach. Cats beware!

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