Monday, July 27, 2009

Oh! That's how this works!

Blaise's rice cereal experience went much better today. She downed the entire amount that I made (honestly, not that much, but...) and would have had more. It turns out that you're supposed to open your mouth, slurp/chew the cereal off the spoon and then swallow it. She's still working on coordinating the motor program and we're still watching closely for weird reactions, but, well, see for yourself. (Notice how little is on her chin and the seasonally appropriate bib is completely clean.)


The Connor Clan said...

Sweet! A trick we learned at daycare - if you flip the spoon upside down, so the cereal is on the convex side, it's easier for them to eat at first. it's also trickier for parents to master, though.

tbone said...

That's MY grandneice. I'm so proud of her.

Uncle Tom