Thursday, July 16, 2009

Boring is good

This is becoming a very boring blog. You started reading in January or February about a cute, tough little baby fighting really lousy odds. And she completely turned the tables on those odds. A "less than 1%" chance of ever coming off TPN became no TPN and normal daytime bottle feeds in the space of six months. So now we have a cute, tough little baby who is really just doing normal cute baby things. Boring is good. We like boring. Now if the paparazzi would just leave us alone!

A week into this on demand daytime feeding thing and Blaise is doing great. She happily takes 3-4 ounce bottles several times a day with relatively little problem. She's gaining weight (up to 11 lbs, 5 oz) and having fun. Her mood is a little different, probably because she's learning to deal with the fluctuations in blood sugar levels that come with not eating constantly. She still has great happy times, but she gets cranky from hunger now. Who knew?


Stephanie said...

Ha! That picture is awesome!

The Connor Clan said...

Way to go, kiddo!