Saturday, July 11, 2009

Some dreams come true

The other night, Ben had a dream in which Joe Biden showed up at our house with a huge pile of scratch-off lottery tickets, said, "Hope you got a couple of nickels!" and proceeded to sit, with Ben, in our living room merrily scratching away. At the end of it, they had won a pretty big sum and Biden got up and said "That's all for you, kids!" And then he left.

Blaise dreams about being allowed to drink all the milk she wants.

I'll let you guess whose dream came true yesterday. (Hint: We're not up $20k and we've never met the VP.)

It's kind of funny and a little sad because you can tell she doesn't quite believe it. Blaise clings to her bigger bottles while she eats and would probably take more if we weren't worried about her gorging herself and then throwing up. Not quite six months ago, we were sticking an empty bottle nipple in her mouth and dribbling 3 cc of milk into it. Her first bottle this morning was 75 cc. I'm beginning to feel like a broken record here, but we really never dared to dream that she would come this far and especially not this fast. At this point, I've given up guessing where she'll end up. She always exceeds my expectations.

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vicki said...

Erin, You always exceeded all expectations so why should we expect anything less from your daughter. Congrats on the newest version of freedom. It is impressive that you & Ben cherish the positive milestones. Blaise is so lucky to have you both. Hugs from KC. Vicki