Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Solid" food

We got clearance at our last clinic visit to try rice cereal with Blaise. We decided to make sure she was doing okay with the big bottles before we introduced anything else. Two weeks and 10 oz of weight gain (!) later, we figured we'd give it a try.

She was completely indifferent to the taste and had no idea why we were trying to stick a spoon in her mouth. When we give her a clean spoon to play with, she pops in right in her mouth, but I guess us doing it was too weird.

Still, not total failure. She didn't gag or retch or anything. It's hard to say whether she swallowed any cereal, either, though. We'll keep working on it. We also have to wait a bit and make sure she doesn't stool out or get a rash or anything. Here's hoping this goes smoothly.

In other news, Blaise is still falling asleep on her back and waking up on her belly. The International Brotherhood of Gnomes who Flip Babies Over While They Sleep has denied responsibility. If you have any information that might bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice, please contact Blaise. Anonymity is guaranteed.


Jarasa said...

Dear Blaise: Welcome to the wonderful world of solid food! When you are ready, I would love to introduce you to the miracle that is the avocado. (Which in addition to the yummy taste and creamy texture, has the added benefit of coming out looking almost exactly the same!) In the meantime, let mom & dad feed you with the spoon -- *we* know you've already figured out how to get it to your mouth but letting them do it will make them feel good. I know, parents are so weird sometimes. --Love, Siri

Jim said...

Does Blaise need more bibs? Valentine's Day in July? Doesn't she have a Royals bib or shirt to puke on?

Erin said...

We have six bibs, but we go through about four a day. So, yeah, Valentine's Day in July. I should have planned better for the photo op.

Faith said...

What great news that Blaise is doing so well with solids!! She is such a rockstar, she does awesome with everything!
Hopefully Faith will join her in the solid food club soon, and maybe we can get together when we're back in Boston in September :)