Monday, June 1, 2009

Wonderfully busy

I guess a few people have been a little worried because we haven't posted since we've been home. Everything is going well, but we're really busy. In that having-the-baby-home-and-trying-to-figure-out-when-to-take-a-shower kind of way. No big scares or anything so far and Blaise's care schedule (meds, feedings, etc.) is helping us establish a routine. I have to say that the onset of teething could have been better timed, but we'll all survive.

This is the busy we expected and it's pretty great: visits from friends, 3 AM feedings, walks with the stroller, loads and loads of laundry. I promise a longer update and more pictures soon!

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_h said...

Congrats on your homecoming. We wish you the best in this and subsequent phases of your journey.

Take care,

Ex-roomie Matilda and gang