Wednesday, June 17, 2009

And we're back

We got home from the hospital early this afternoon. Everything was fine overnight and Blaise is tolerating her new formula well so far. Her nurse this morning shooed us out the door as soon as we got there. Everyone seemed to think it was a little unnecessary for us to have been readmitted, but policy is policy.

Blaise is doing so well that she was able to come with me this afternoon to a lab cookout. She hadn't met anyone from my lab before, so meeting all of them at once must have been quite the experience. The thing about doing development research is that everyone I work with likes babies and Blaise managed to be appropriately charming. We'll be going back next week so she can participate in her first study. I thought being a preemie disqualified her from all of the infant studies, but I guess not. Should be fun.

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Margaret said...

hey guys, i hope the biopsys bring ok news. I'm delighted you are back at home and blaise is traveling:)Ben's lab is *totally* jealous. Also, not sure if we qualify as Ben's lab anymore:)