Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sing it!

We sing to Blaise all the time. I'm going to get as much singing in as I can before she realizes that I sound like an angry cat. We've had singing diaper changes, singing g-tube cares and, when she was in the hospital, the occasional singing line change. Her taste is eclectic, with favorites including the Mercedes Benz Song, Molly Malone, Plastic Jesus, The Elephant Song and whatever random words we make up to the Toreador song from Carmen.

We've only recently discovered that she likes music even better. Not surprisingly, really, as her Uncle Chris is a musician/music teacher and her Grandpa Barry and Gran both sing. On the way home from the hospital last week, she was dancing very enthusiastically to Rodeo on the radio and since we've been home, we've been playing more and more CDs for her. I've been singing along with the Beatles for almost half an hour and she's still laughing like crazy. Then again, maybe she's just laughing at how off-key I am.

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