Friday, June 19, 2009

So far so good

Blaise has done pretty well the last few days. No more blood as of yet, but she's been a little gassy, possibly because of the formula change. She had gas issues when we switched her from breastmilk to Neocate, so I'm not really surprised that she's having similar problems with another diet change. Otherwise, she's doing well and we've had no further visits from the gnomes who flip babies over while they sleep. She loves riding in the car, as you can see.

She's working on visually-guided grasping of smaller objects, which is totally age appropriate and should be fun. But there are too many smaller objects we don't want her grasping. It was frustrating when she was trying to grab the q-tips we use to clean her g-tube site. Her very focused attempts to pull out her temporary IV this week, though, were a bit much.

New photos are up!

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vicki said...

Love all the pics. Keep them coming! One can never have too many pictures of an adorable baby.