Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Blaise had two scopes today, an upper endoscopy (esophagus, stomach and duodenum) and a colonoscopy (colon and lower small bowel). I will refrain from posting the pictures they gave us, but this means that Ben and I have now seen all parts of Blaise's gut in one way or another: photos from today and the lovely view of her jejunum we had when she had her ostomy. Only so many parents can make that claim.

The news is this: she has definite mild to moderate irritation of her rectum, sigmoid colon and descending colon. Everything else looks good. We are waiting for biopsy results to figure out why she has this irritation, but now we know where the blood in her stool is probably coming from. This irritation is causing blood, but so far, it doesn't seem to be causing pain or discomfort. Hopefully we can find a good way to treat it.

Blaise did great throughout the procedure and, after spitting out the Pedialyte they tried to give her right away, is back on full formula feeds. I don't blame her on the Pedialyte; that stuff is gross. The annoying news is that she's staying the night at Children's again. We were sure this was going to be an outpatient procedure until we got there today and the anesthesiologist asked us how old she was and calculated her gestational age. If kids go under general anesthesia and are less than 60 weeks gestational age, they have to stay the night for observation. Blaise is 57 weeks gestational (17 weeks past her due date). So she's back with our friends tonight, on monitors, but should be discharged first thing tomorrow.

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