Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Play Date!

Today the three of us went on a small adventure to see Blaise's friend Siri, who was born shortly after Blaise arrived to our friends Dave and Jarasa. They'd "met" before, but the quotes around that last verb are there because Blaise slept through both encounters. It's been a very pretty day in Boston so far (though the rain may be coming soon), so we got Blaise all dressed up in a very pretty sun dress that her Grandpa Tom got for her a little while ago.

Did I mention it was sunny today? Good thing for Blaise she has a comically large hat. This basically ensured that no sunlight could possibly get through to her entire upper torso.

After a nice walk up Highland Ave. in Somerville, we arrived at Dave and Jarasa's place, where they'd set up a nice sun shade for the little ones to hang out underneath and stay cool. As you'll see below, they seemed to get on famously. 

Aw. Hand-holding and everything. Actually, at one point in the afternoon Blaise got herself worked up into a bit of a crying fit and Siri actually just reached over and held her hand. Freakin' adorable is what that is. 

Not a whole lot else to say I guess, other than to reiterate that it's a ton of fun to be able to go do stuff like this. Hanging out with friends and watching our babies laugh at the same silly words is awesome. As always, we learned several important things from our first attempt at something new:

1) You will always need more cloth diapers than you think. 
2) Blaise will sleep in the car seat, especially under a very floppy hat.
3) Siri eats avocado like a baby possessed. Watching her "omnomnomnom" routine this afternoon was hilarious and has me thinking that the eventual move to solid food for Blaise could be great fun.

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