Sunday, January 17, 2010


This weekend, like every Martin Luther King weekend since time immemorial (or at least 1710, according to some sources), was the MIT Mystery Hunt, a weekend long puzzle solving extravaganza. It was Blaise's first on-campus hunt (she was in the NICU last year, but we told her about some puzzles). She spent the day reading "That's not my monster", napping and playing with our friend Mira. She even helped with a puzzle or two. Our team, Metaphysical Plant, won* at 5:50 this morning. We'd like to take any credit for it, but Blaise kind of kept us on our toes. If only more of the answers had been things like "baadatahtahtah" we might have been more helpful. It was, as always, wonderful to see old friends and to introduce Blaise to the (surprisingly large) intersection of the set of puzzlers and the set of blog readers.

In other mysteries, Blaise has been a little "off" the last few days. She's not been eating well and her sleep has been a bit disrupted. We're not sure what is up. She's occasionally congested/runny but has no fever. It might be a lingering cold and it might be the late-arriving side effects of her MMR and varicella vaccines, which can take up to two weeks to manifest. It could be that our schedules have been somewhat disrupted the last few days. And it could also be that she's becoming a toddler.

*I have, in the past, been asked what a team wins when it wins the Mystery Hunt. The answer is honor and glory among a very small subculture and the privilege/penalty of writing the next Mystery Hunt.


Aletta said...

We saw you walking with Blaise but we were driving at the time, and then missed you at wrap up :( Congrats on winning!

Fwiw, what you're describing Blaise having sounds very similar to what Patrick's had the past four days or so. Does she have a cough too?

Erin said...

I'm sorry to hear that we missed you guys and that Patrick is under the weather, too. Blaise has an occasional cough, but not a particularly persistent one. It's likely one of the many upper respiratory bugs that go around in the winter. Still, not fun.

Aletta said...

Yeah, we'll have to get together some other time. I'd really love to meet Blaise (sometime that everyone's healthy).

We ended up going to the doctor this morning because I felt like his breathing has gotten worse. But, they confirmed that it's just an upper respiratory virus. One of those "gets worse before it gets better" sort of things :P

I hope Blaise feels better!