Saturday, January 9, 2010

Food adventures continue

Blaise had her one year "well baby" check up on Thursday. Her weight gain is good (16 lbs., 9 oz), but we're still riding that 3rd percentile line, which might make some of her doctors a little grumpy. She more than quadrupled her birthweight (3 lbs, 14 oz) in her first year and quintupled her lowest weight (3 lbs, 4 oz.). Let's give her credit for that.

The pediatrician had a lot of ideas for advancing Blaise's food repertoire (and a tasty recipe involving turnips for our little root veggie fiend). This is good because she's getting a little sassy about purees on a spoon. We are going to move along to playing with our food. More finger food, more eating what Ben and I are eating as long as we know it's okay, more whole peas and chunks of potato all over the floor. As Blaise becomes a toddler, we want to be really careful about fighting over food. It's easy to become obsessed with getting calories into her and she has a tendency to resist when we push too hard. So we're trying to keep it fun. Blaise gets a kick out of feeding us sometimes, which is really sweet, but her aim isn't so great. I've never had someone stick a pea up my nose before.

This morning we hosted a very important baby summit, where Blaise and her friends Auden and Oliver hashed through the major issues of the day. The activity-table discussion was interrupted by the hotly contested issue of who got to play with Ollie's helicopter rattle. Talks will resume shortly, but the international oversight committee declared that naps would be necessary before any real progress could be made.

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