Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting back on track

I'm sorry if that last post worried people. Really, Blaise was doing very well. I acknowledge that nightly vomiting sounds pretty scary. It had us a little concerned, too, but most of the time things were fine.

Our friend Flagyl seems to be doing its thing. Blaise's stool is looking more normal, her appetite has improved, she hasn't vomited and her breath is better (bad breath goes hand-in-hand with bacterial overgrowth). She's also been in a great mood the last day or two. So getting back to normal.

In fun developmental stuff, Blaise has begun pointing to things she wants or things she finds interesting. We've been hearing amazingly long babbles, which stop as soon as we get out the camera. Her self-feeding is going well. She eats all of her peas before anything else. I thought she was eating her carrots today, too, but then I realized that she had just been selectively feeding the carrots to me. She has a new-found love for her Madeline doll. I guess she decided that small, tough girls with scars on their bellies have to stick together. Either that or she likes chewing on Madeline's hat.

Yes, yes. More pictures soon. I promise.

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therextras said...

Yea for pointing! Seems like a simple ability, but it means so much, and dominoes to other important skills. Barbara